November 1, 2009

Halloweenie: In Two Parts

Part 1: The Police Station Visit

Drew testing out a radar gun.

Jakey's excited about the Police Van.

It's not the Batmobile, but the police car will have to do.

Curious George on the lam.

Not pictured: McGruff the crime dog scaring the bejesus out of Jakey. Also, me hightailing it out of a jail cell when the officer offered to lock us inside so we could see what it's like to be locked up. I'm hoping I never have to experience that, for real or for pretend pretenses.

Part 2: Trick or Treating, Mall Style

Enough pictures, now to get candy!

Portrait taken by Drew. Hmmm... do you suppose we always look this way to them? I think Mr. Bee was Halloweened-out at this point!

After the mall trick-or-treating, we arrived home,. The children got completely buzzed on sugar and then had a sugar shock-paranoia induced comedown, which involved Drew asking why we stole his sticker ("where is the picture? It's BLANK!") when he just needed to turn it over, and calling me into the bathroom to ask me to make sure no one was messing with his Trick or Treat bag while he was pooping. Jacob, who is not used to any sugar or candy was a wreck most of the rest of the day, chanting "Canny Corn" and velcroing himself to my leg.

As with all of the Holidays, I was relieved and sad when the day was through. Everything seems stressful and then it's over so quickly! I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween, too.

Also, I'm going to try and do Nablopomo again this year. If I make it past the first week I will be shocked. Anyway, I will try to do this as long as my content doesn't go way down the tubes. Sorry to clog up your Google Reader, it's just for this month, I swear.


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