November 2, 2009

Screw You, Daylight Savings Time

My 5am this morning...... (in the form of a play script)

Jacob: Wah! Wah! Wah!

Janna: Tosses and turns before finally sighing and getting out of bed. She stumbles on a toy truck, curses under her breath, and stubs her toe on a storage chest in the very dark room. Finally she makes it to Jacob's room. She leans over the crib. What, Jacob?

Jacob: Whine, whine tepeeksjehd,

Janna: Picks up Jacob and holds him. What?

Jacob: Squirms. Whine nbsoohlyehd, whine....

Janna: Jacob, what do you want? You know I don't speak whine!

Meanwhile, Drew's door opens.....c r e a k!

Janna: EVERYONE, it is still night time. Everyone will lay in their beds until I say it is not nighttime any longer. GOODNIGHT.

Drew: Scurries back to his room.

Jacob: Stops squirming. Whine.... hmph.

Janna: Sets Jacob down as gently as possible in his crib in the dark. She runs back to her bedroom, closes the door and hides underneath the covers for another hour, until the alarm goes off.


Just so you know, daylight savings time? You are on notice for that hour.


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