November 15, 2009

The Truth about the "Terrible Twos"

I don't believe in the phrase "the terrible twos"; it's a misnomer for many reasons. I think that a three year old is actually more challenging than a two year old. I also think that four is an easy age. I know that all of this is subjective depending on your child. There obviously is no magic number that correlates with bad behavior or terribleness.

That being said, my two year old Jacob is a wild maniac, a naked, running, yelling banshee. To say that he is "challenging" is to say that winters in Michigan are "a bit nippy"; it's a polite way of saying "he is making me losing my fucking mind". (I think I used the quotations correctly there, if not, cut me some slack, I'm hanging on by a thread here people!)

Don't get me wrong, the child is a laugh a minute jokester with a penchant for big hugs and laughs. It's just he is also a bully, a tyrant, and our own little Tazmanian Devil.

Saturday he went napless for the first time ever and it sent me into such a tizzy that I had to walk away for a minute from Jacob to compose myself. I have quite a temper, and yet I've always had a soft spot for our little Jakey. This is not the case anymore. He went with his brother to spend the night at my parent's house on Saturday, and the report from the trenchs at Casa de Nana was that he was "a wild man". (Tell me something I don't know.) Needless to say we felt for my parents but we were very grateful for the Jakey-free night.

I think most of the problem with Terrible Twos is the fact that discipline is so difficult. A two year old is no longer a baby anymore and shouldn't be coddled like one, but in the same sense, bargaining and reasoning with a two year old is a nearly impossible task. He thinks the word NO is funny, and yet doesn't listen when I try to explain things to him. I thought I would have some insight after going through this before with Drew, but with how different their personalities are none of the same rules apply. He is so much crazier than Drew was, and way less emotional. I offered to keep Jakey in Time Out until he was eighteen. Mr. Bee and I laughed about this, but the idea is still being tossed around.

I'm told that is all a phase, and I will look back and laugh. If this is true, then why do I still shudder when I think about Drew as a three year old? Seriously people, I am still traumatized. I mean, reading this old post gave me chills.

Of course, each day is a new hope that he will be a little more understanding, in the meantime, Mr. Bee and I are learning new ways to keep composure and patience.
That Jacob is a whirlwind. At least it's never boring around here.


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