January 8, 2010

My Puppy, My Baby?!?

Big News for the Bee family... our new puppy, Louie, is home! As you can imagine, my life has been pretty hectic this week. Having a new puppy is so much like becoming a mother all over again, although with a steeper learning curve. At least for me. What, you don't believe me? Well, I have points to prove it. (Warning: if you are not a dog person, this post might not be for you. Gratuitous Dog musings are abound in this post.)

The ride home. Of course you never forget the ride home after you have your baby pick up your puppy. Louie shook in my arms and buried his head in my lap (obviously not the case with a bringing home a newborn baby, what with all those silly car seat laws, and me wanting to hold my newborn babies, and you know, wanting to keep them safe and all) but I felt just as protective of him as if he was my little newborn baby.

The first OMIGOD what-have-I-done-my-life-will-never-be-the-same-I'm-freaking-out how-will-I-do-this moment.  I had this with Drew when I realized no one would let me sleep because they wanted me to keep trying to breastfeed. I had this moment with Louie when I realized that I had to literally be holding Louie most of the time around the kids.

The first epic poop disaster. Ahhh, the runs.... we all know about how it can end up everywhere. Louie was very nervous the first day, and his bowels let loose everywhere. But how could we be upset, he's just a baby puppy! Who needs unspotted carpet anyway? Now we have character in our house.

The first night time they sleep through the night. Louie did this last night, and what a glorious moment to wake up at 7 and he was still sleeping. I was ridiculously proud of my wittle boy my little puppy! I felt so well rested, as if I could take on the world. I wanted to shout from the rooftops- Hey everyone, I have a puppy, a toddler and a kindergartener and I slept 7 straight hours! I am King of the World! This delirium is true of parents of babies, although it's even more outlandish because they are even more sleep deprived.

The first milestone. This morning Louie ran to the door to be let out to poop. I was so happy and impressed by him... much like the time Drew began to crawl. I feel like I should write the date down in a baby puppy book.

The hours you spend holding a sleepy baby   puppy in your arms  lap because you don't want to disturb them. I pulled this one the first day. Hey, it got me out of dishes that night.  

The ridiculous belief that your baby puppy is the cutest baby puppy on the planet. Obviously no explanation needed here, because he is. He is a wittle wrinkly man who is soooo vewwwy cute! Ahem, I'm done.

The moment your husband breaks down and turns into a pile of goo around your baby puppy. I heard Mr. B utter "Oh, Mr Wrinkly man I could just eat up your wrinkles you are so cute! Yes you are. you little cutie!" This made ME almost turn into a pile of goo, it was so funny and sweet.

And there you have it. Puppies and babies, they tear up your life, there's a million reasons not to have them, but what they give you back is immeasurable.

Welcome home, Louie Bee. We love you, Mr. Lou.



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