April 14, 2010

My Dirty Little Secret

My mornings are planned out to a "T". A strict schedule must be held to get the boys and I out the door each morning before. Most of the time, all three little Bees follow my schedule. They know better than to risk my wrath. (Yes, even Louie, the puppy Bee, is well behaved every morning. It's the REST of the day that is a challenge with him.)

This morning Jacob had other plans and woke up right before my shower. I got him ready, then got Louie ready (Drew pretty much fends for himself, I just keep him on track. Gotta love age 5.)

I looked in the mirror and at the time and thought... okay, can I get by today without a shower? The hair looked okay, and I felt okay, not too sweaty.

I decided to derail my plans further.

Skip the shower! I smell ok... It's only been 2 days.

Now I am feeling a little dirty, a little bit unkempt. Not a lot, mind you. My dirt threshold is pretty high, but still...

If you see me, stay upwind of me.

Just sayin'.

Oh, come on now, y'all already knew I was disgusting!


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