April 27, 2010

The Unawesomeness of Bee-ing

So Drew learned a new word recently- Awesome. He uses it all the time now.

My life, however, is not so awesome right now. It's complicated, messy and infuriating. I'm just trying to stick it out, but I just feel very worn out right now. My puppy and two year old are wearing me thin, and I just can't find a lot of joy or relaxation right now, and therefore anything I write will just be me bitching.

I'm hoping that my first weekend without a family obligation in 2 months will help ground me. I'm crossing my fingers for some awesomeness to fall into my lap and to get out of this funk once and for all. Maybe for Mr. Calamity and his cohort, Louie The Unruly, will cut me a darn break.

I leave you with a little bit of awesome, which is Drew at his swimming class. I thank my lucky stars for this kid, as he is awesome, indeed.


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