July 30, 2010

TMI Friday: Airing out my Laundry!

I'm linking up with The SuperMom Blues for her TMI Friday. The rules are simple:

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I don't normally do the linking thing, but this story was too good NOT to share! I share my humiliation with you, blog readers, in an effort to make you smile this Friday.

Generally, I have a lot I have to remember for the kids every day for Childcare, and Mondays are the worst. On Mondays my oldest son Drew, needs a lunch box, drink, yellow shirt for field trips, his bike (etc); my youngest son Jacob is potty training so he needs new clothes to wear in case he has an accident and his blankets need to be washed each week. It's a lot to remember.

I have grown accustomed to getting all this ready  and have decided to do laundry on Sunday nights so Jacob has fresh blankets on Monday. I put all of our clean laundry on our ottoman, so Louie, our rambunctious puppy, doesn't destroy the laundry on the couch.Monday morning this week I bring his blankets and new clothes in a plastic bag and put the whole bag in his cubby at childcare. I think nothing of it.

Six pm on Monday I get a call from Mr. B to let me know he is on the way home with the kids. He tells me a couple things about their day. Mid-conversation, he asks me, "for some reason, did you bring a couple pairs of your panties to childcare?"

"Um, no. What are you talking about?"

"There was a couple of pairs of your underwear in a plastic bag in Jacob's cubby," He says nonchalantly.

Apparently I grabbed a little somethin-somethin' with his blankets and clothes! At least they were clean, right? I can't even imagine his teacher pulling out those in class. I was/am mortified! What's even worse is that I forgot Jacob's underwear, so it looked like- here is his little boy underwear!

Eventually I am hoping I will be able to look his teachers in the eye again.


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