October 22, 2010

Better late than never, My letter to Jacob

Dear Jacob,

This was the year you went from being a baby to a little boy, in my eyes. You were easy to potty train, just like your brother. You gave me some good scares, but are such a tough little guy, always testing your boundaries, and always determined to win every argument. You still love your blankies, Dora the Explorer and Scooby doo. When you are feeling sad you like me to sing "You are my Sunshine", when you are feeling silly you like me to change it to "You are my Froggy". You have many friends at school, but your best friend is Drew. You wanted, more than anything this year an Octopus necklace for your birthday, and you got one. This year you were more challenging than the previous years, but that made all the triumphs and sweet moments more endearing. You are my little daredevil with an infectious laugh. Most of all though, you are still my baby. I love you Jacob. You have my heart.


PS Please click through to see the montage I made him, if you wish- just to warn you, it is long....


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