December 28, 2010

Bah Humbug- Holiday Pet Peeves

Here are my ultimate 10 Holiday Pet Peeves, because I am sooo over the Holidays!

1. Save Now, Hurry, Act Fast- all of the annoying emails from stores. Please, I don't need 3 emails from you every day, telling me not to "miss out". It makes me NOT want to buy from you!

2. Specialty toy stores hocking toys that you can buy from Toys R Us, and marking up the price.

3. People that buy tons of hot ticket toys to sell on Ebay. Yes, I am speaking of my son's beloved Ixl, which I went into a mad frenzy to buy the day before Thanksgiving.

4. The lack of entertainment during the Holidays. No new TV shows, no new blog posts... it's like people are busy or something! What's up with that??

5. Scrooges. Come on, now... that's no fun. At least try to find some happiness during these hectic days.

6. Long shopping lines. I took that picture standing in line to buy GROCERIES. Not gifts, just food. That's obnoxious.

7. Rude people. Hey we are all in this together, we don't need to shove and shout!

8. Bad holiday music... which to me is basically any Holiday music that was made after 1960.

9. People bragging about being all done with everything... oh wait I am one of them. Still, I am annoyed with myself.

10. Trying to find places to put Boodle, our elf on the shelf, every night. Our house is not big enough! I was glad to see him go, even though my youngest son, Jacob, cried when I told him he was gone for the year.

What about you? What are some of your Holiday Pet peeves?


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