December 4, 2008

Nablopomo burnout and Elf Martyrs....

I am getting a little bit of Nablopomo burnout. I know it's early in the month, and how sad is that? But for the past 3 days I have been sitting alone in my office for ten hours, hurrying home and putting the kids to sleep, and then going to sleep myself (or cleaning) neither of which make for exciting material.

So a little anecdote. For Christmas last year we got the Elf on the Shelf. For those that don't know about this, well, click on the link to get an explanation. We started the tradition by pulling out the book the day after Christmas, and put the Elf (we named him "Boodle") out and hinted to Drew on how to find him. Every night you have to move him. So every morning, I ask Drew "Where did Boodle go?" and we have to find him. Drew never remembers.

Until yesterday, when Drew remembered for the first time on his own and asked "Hey, why didn't Boodle move last night?" Yeah, we forgot. The first time he remembered.

"Boodle!" I exclaimed. "Did you fall alseep last night and forget to see Santa? Geez Boodle, you have to remember to see Santa every day and tell him Drew is a good boy!"

"Yeah!" Drew exclaimed.

For a recap, yes, I blamed a stuffed Elf named "Boodle" for my mistake. We are reaching a new low here people... and it is not pretty.


  1. Erm, that Elf will haunt my dreams. Thanks for that.
    Also you need a twitter link on your blog.

  2. You're too funny, keep up the good work, your blog is one of my favorites :). If you need any ideas for blog fodder, just let me know, I've got a brain that runs wild just not enough time in the day to post about

  3. Hi! Linked up to you from Elf on the Shelf...keep meaning to get one of those...

  4. NOOOOOOO! Don't go. Your Elf on a Shelf post alone makes you someone we can't lose. Stay on NaBloPoMo please.

  5. that's funny...remembering the one time you forget...doesn't it always seem to happen that way? found you on SITS...welcome!



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