January 9, 2011

The Most Important Resolution

I really enjoyed spending time with my boys this weekend. I loved the pirate fort, the sledding trip and the cuddle time.I loved it so much that I realized something important this weekend. I feel like sometimes I am so wrapped up in myself: my stress, my job, my obligations, that I miss out on things with my children. I often miss out on the ability to enjoy my life and can only concentrate on trudging through.

I'm not sure how to resolve this, but I am hoping that I can spend more time enjoying my family and less time in my head, worrying. I have the best family, and wonderful children. I need to savor every moment when they are this age. I need to be present for this time. Yes, they are crazy and they run and yell and cry a lot, but they will only be this age right now, and I want to savor every giggle, eyelash, hug and kiss, silly story, fight, and tantrum. How could I miss moments like this, drowning in my own thoughts?

There will always be stress in my life, but one day the boys won't always be little, and I will never get these moments back. I resolve to live in the present with my family. To get out of my thoughts and live in the now. It's the most important resolution I can make. I love my guys.


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