April 25, 2011

Color Blanks Review

Recently we were given a few of the color blanks figures  from RoseArts (two of them, thank goodness) to try out.  I was very excited to let the boys try them because they have been very creative lately and I am not, and it seemed like a nice project for a Saturday, and so last Saturday I let them try them out. 

Color blanks are little figures that come with stickers and markers. You can create anything you want. There are endless possibilities on ways to personalize them and there are a bunch of ideas in this video http://youtu.be/nBkEcfqkqd8.  I gave Drew the "Doggy" Color blank.
This is what he made:
Jacob thinks he looks like a detective Doggy. (It's unfinished because of course he wants me to finish it.)

Jacob, being younger, I thought he should have the "Bunny" color blank which came with pastel colors. He made an Easter bunny.
Jacob named him "Gleeky". The colors are light, but they are on there, it's hard to tell in the photo.

The boys LOVED the color blanks, and love their little guys. They had a great time working on them and it was a great craft project for me because I am terrible at coming up with craft projects.

My biggest disappointment with the color blanks is the markers. They take a long time to dry and can turn out a little "stripey" looking. The box says to wait 24 hours to let them dry, and you should wait at least that long to touch them (that's a hard thing for a 3 year old to understand). Luckily, even though the markers are permanent, they seemed to wash off our hands easily enough. Even so, this is definitely a full parental supervision craft project with the markers.

I would buy the color blanks again, but maybe wait until I am alone with Drew, as Jacob was a little young in my opinion for the color blanks. (The box said 3 and up, but the website says 6 and up, and the website age is more realistic). I really like that their arms move, and that they come with decorative stickers and glue blobs to use to attach things of your own. You could get really creative. I could definitely see my boys coming up with some crazy ideas of what to attach to "Gleeky" and "Dectective Doggy" so I will be holding onto the glue for now. Next time I would buy one for myself though, as neither boys took any of my suggestions on coloring! I think the price of $9.99 for two figures plus stickers and markers, is actually a pretty good deal. Just make sure you know what you want to create first.

Buy It: Color Blanks

Disclosure: I was in no way compensated for this review other than receiving the two test products to try out. The written opinions expressed here are my own and no one elses.


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