June 1, 2011


I've been with you 9 years. That feels like a lifetime and yet still so short. I may have picked up 2,000 lone socks, but you gave me the two best presents (they are called Drew and Jacob) and a million laughs. You make me feel beautiful and special. I, in turn, make you feel funnier and smarter than anyone else does.

My favorite moments are sharing a beer and a chat with you. I love to save stories for you because I know you can turn a bad day into a funny joke. You are a writer, even though you don't have the patience. You don't make fun of me for blogging, even though you make fun of me for facebooking. When you vacuum, you create meticulous straight lines with the vacuum cleaner that I must admire. (No, really, you make me admire them.)

You are an amazing father. You can't wait to teach the kids all that you know, yet you are understanding if they aren't interested. You let them be themselves, yet you aren't afraid to be strict. Without you I would be lost raising them.

Most of all, I love you. I can't imagine how boring my life would be without you in it. Let's end this little blog post before I break out every cliche in the book. Whoops, too late! Oh well, it's okay to be sappy sometimes.

Happy anniversary, Mr. B!

PS Please go  check out my review of A Jane Austen Education on Blogher. Thx!


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