August 25, 2011

Not worth the fight

Jacob decided he did not need a booster seat for the booth at the restaurant last night.

Drew wore just jean shorts and slippers to bed (the house was 80 degrees).

Jacob wanted cheez-its for a snack immediately following breakfast this morning.

We went to the library yesterday and my 3 year old son Jacob picked out Ben 10- Alien Force as the book he wanted to check out. Drew asked me why I let Jacob check out a book that was obviously too old for him.

"Because, honey," I told him. "Some things aren't worth arguing over."

After all, that night Drew wanted to stay up past 10pm to watch a show and Jacob wanted to jump headfirst off of the couch. Those decisions did merit a discussion.

What do you let your kids do because it's not worth an argument? Share it with me. I also let them have chocolate milk when we go out to eat sometimes (the horror).


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