October 28, 2011

Kitchen Nightmares

Those of you that read this regularly (or know me IRL) probably know how much I hate my kitchen. It's full-on, rotting 80's style grossness, and it's missing a wall from when Mr Bee and my Dad removed a wall from the refrigerator alcove (to fit a new fridge in) over a YEAR ago. We've had estimates in the past and they were above what we could afford, and trying to get a loan from the bank was a gigantic waste of time (9% interest? are you kidding? We have awesome credit too, makes no sense.) We did manage to save some money, so when I received a coupon from Sears for  $500 off and a free consultation, I thought, why not?

Big mistake.

The consultation was 2.5 hours, we had to sit through a presentation, and then at the end of it all, they quoted us $17,000 to REFACE our laminate cabinets and do new laminate counter tops and a sink. No new floors or appliances. Bare bones. $17,000. That's like almost a 1/5 of what our house is worth. I was quoted less for NEW MAPLE cabinets last year. I was deflated to say the least. All we want to do is fix up our kitchen enough to sell the house, and I'm not sinking every penny of our savings into a sub par remodel.  First we asked if we could get a break down of prices, and they told us that they had no way of doing that- they just plug the numbers into the computer. We told them thanks but no thanks, even though they did try the hard sell.**

The next day I got a call from Sears asking why we didn't purchase and I told them it was too much money. They wanted to send someone else out to recalculate a new price for us (this is after they told us they do not haggle for prices, everyone gets the same price). Can you believe them apples?

So we are back to square one. All I can say about this experience is that I would add Sears to the list of "those I will not use for any remodeling". (The list so far is Sears and Home Depot. If you want to hear a horror story, just ask me about Home Depot one day.)

Anyone have any hints or suggestions about Kitchen remodeling? I could use them!


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