November 10, 2011


So we officially have a meeting with a realtor on Friday. This is finally happening. I cannot wait to sell our house-- well for the day that we are officially free of this house, this money pit. I know some people think I exaggerate about how bad my house is, and some people have said it's a cute, nice house. Well, the amount we have sunk into fixing non-cosmetic items has robbed us of any ability to fix up anything else, and the experience of renovating our bathroom was so horrific that I can't even enjoy that room. Also, as much as I love an open concept, our family/living/dining room combo leaves me no where to escape from the kids and the dog.

I just hope it's quick. We bought our house about two years before the housing went boom, and honestly buying our house when we did is my biggest regret. I know we are going to lose a lot of money on this house, there will be no equity in this house and my only concern at this point is breaking even. I'm hoping we can find a great deal on the next house and that we will want to stay there for a long time... the market can't keep dropping, right???

Sigh, I'm just hoping we sell...

Fingers crossed for us, please! We have to live in a bigger house!


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