May 24, 2013

Social Media Overload

Lately I feel overwhelmed with the amount of articles everywhere on how to be a better Mom. I especially feel overwhelmed trying to sort through what I should be feeding my children, how I should never yell (I do, it's my fiery Italian side-I'm working on it), how often I should play with my children, whether my house should be clean or dirty, etc. The current trend I have seen is- No yelling (but you should still discipline, but find a way to do that promotes self esteem), do not clean (but be organized), eat organic (but don't, or don't stress over it) play more with your children (but don't get them more toys, be creative), be more flexible (but still have a schedule), don't plan so many activities and extracurriculars for your children (then, again, you probably should).

After reading all this, I am pretty sure I am the world's worst parent. Every time I get on the Internet I feel less sure and more wary of what the heck I should be doing. I've lost the ability to critically think for myself. It's ridiculous.

So this weekend, on this great Holiday weekend, I am shutting it off. No facebook, no email, no twitter, no instagram. I need technology free and I'm going to try to live (and parent) without it.

At least I will for 3 days.

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