June 18, 2013

Hey you....

....my baby is not grumpy, he did not wake up on the wrong side of the bed,  and he is not shy. He just doesn't like creepy strangers in his face.  Would you want to smile for every stranger that came up and talked right in your personal space?

No, I do NOT want you to hold him. You are a creepy stranger. See above.

I don't need assistance. If I do, I will ask. Looking at me condescendingly will not make me want help either.

I don't mind having all boys. Either way I would be busy!

Getting annoyed with my baby's babbling and expecting me to be able to quiet him down is like getting annoyed with the clouds and wishing them not to rain- I get it, you don't want to hear it, but at this point, I can't control it. If I keep him inside for all of his life until he is old enough to know better, he will probably turn out to be the unibomber's next coming.

Sometimes I don't want to smile and talk about "enjoying right now". I am in the middle of enjoying and you, annoying person, are making me enjoy motherhood less.

Don't tell me I look tired. It's the same as saying "you look like %$^!".

He. He's a HE. You can tell by the colors I dress him in.

I'm shopping for groceries with 3 children and you want me to stop and converse with you? REALLY?!?

Don't ever buy a building a volcano set for a child's birthday. It's just mean, mmkay?


  1. we brought a building a volcano set to my cousin's house for their boys - but the good thing is that my son built it with them while we were there waiting for the party to start - it kept them occupied and that way mom didn't have to mess with trying to build it with them at some later point. It was very anticlimactic though when it didn't erupt in a huge fashion as expected :-( All good points that you mention - especially if the boy is dressed in boy's clothing - good indicator he is a BOY!

    1. Well, if you are willing to stay and help- that's okay, then. I know, the eruption was really weak for us too. It did end up keeping him busy, he got it when he was 6, at 8 he could do most of the work himself.



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