June 26, 2013

The thing with sickness

Matthew has roseola, you know, that crappy illness that all babies get once, with a high fever, and you're like what the hell, and then they get the rash and you are all like oooohhhh, now I know. Except  I knew after 12 hours. You know, because he is my third baby I am amazingly smart.  He's at the rash stage. It's mainly on his face, and he's a little painful to look at right now.

While I feel bad for him, and I felt terribly at night when his fever would spike to monstrous levels, I will admit that I enjoyed a little bit of it. I mean, all the sleeping and the cuddling and the not-moving were nice. I got a LOT of housework done during the long naps, and a few times I got to hold him while he napped. That was wonderful, and I missed that, he is so busy now, it's hard to get him to stay put for long. Plus, I got to feel like important Mom, the Mom who knows how to lower a fever, who correctly diagnoses her child and who is doing her job, thankyouverymuch. Don't worry, I don't like it that much, I don't have M√ľnchausen syndrome by proxy or anything. It was just nice to have him slow down his pace for a minute.

That being said, I am very glad that he's feeling better before his birthday and our vacation. I'm hoping to not have sick kids for our vacation, especially after last year when Drew and I got a stomach bug on vacation when Matthew was only 3 weeks old. Worst. night. ever.

Poor baby feeling better, before the worst of the rash.

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