July 1, 2013

RIP Google Reader, The State of my Blogging Now

So, Google Reader is gone, as of today. It's another nail in the blogging coffin. I actually really like Feedly, and I managed to really clean up my reader feeds. So many bloggers are gone from when I started my blog (in 2007-old school). I wonder what many of those people are up to now. Many of them felt like friends, but did I get any contact information? No, too scary. Many blogs that were small when I started following are big now, it's odd what makes it and what doesn't. Most of the really honest ones are gone now. Of course there are exceptions to that, too.

This blog is still here. It's held together by the very odd posts, and random thoughts and photographs, it's not what it once was, the duct tape of words and pictures but it's here. I think I'll always be writing, whether here or to myself. It's still fun and a release, mainly because I stopped taking it seriously.

So 6 years and almost 500 posts later, I'm still trucking isn't that what they say-keep on trucking?. Thanks for following along.

1 comment:

  1. Hi,Janna, You are a good writer!! I always thought that maybe you would become a pro. and I could read your Books. Love you, Nonnie



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