January 30, 2007

Under Pressure

Just so all you childless married souls know, the pressure doesn't end with the birth of your first child. It has started again for me and Shaun. My Aunt pulled me aside at Drew's Birthday party, and in a whisper, asked me when we were thinking about having the next child, a slight desperation in her voice, as if she survives only upon the sound of cute little baby gurgles. And this is not the first person to say something mind you.

Why oh why, now that Drew is two, do people think it's okay to pressure for baby number two? Maybe I only want one child, did anybody think of that? Maybe we are waiting until I have a stable job. Maybe I want to lose the weight from having Drew before I pack on another 40 (okay 50) pounds. Maybe I want my children spaced farther apart, so I can get a built in babysitter with Drew? (My secret fantasy.) Maybe we're lame and feel overwhelmed enought as it is! Any way you slice it, it's just plain annoying. So, please, no one ask me. When I am pregnant again, I will let you know, I promise. Until then, worry about your ovaries, not mine.

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