December 5, 2007

I am SOOO glad I am going back to work...

Today Drew was not feeling well. He woke up in the middle of the night crying, and this morning he puked up bile on my leg (fun!). So I have both boys alone today, again. How am I writing this, you may ask? Well, because somehow I got them both to take naps at the same time. I know, anyone who knows Drew knows this is as close to a miracle as you get. Before you start applauding me, let me tell you- I am not proud how I accomplished this feat. I put Drew in his room, kicking and screaming, put a pillow and comforter by the door, and shut it. He eventually (read 10 min of crying) fell asleep. I know, I am an awful Mom, but the boy needed rest! Just like he needs vegetables which he refuses to eat. If I didn't force these things he would die of scurvy and sleep deprivation. It again confirmed what I already know:

- I am glad I am going back to work
- A 2 year old is more work than a newborn
- Drew is more work than many 2 year olds
- I am unable to function with 2 children on 2 hours sleep
- I know why stay at home Moms of 2 stay so thin, there's never time to eat.
- I need a vacation

So I must say, bravo, stay at home parents of more than one child. You rock.

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  1. Chiara's coming back! You should too, you know, before she leaves...



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