December 9, 2007

My New Interest

Lately it seems that all I can think about is my children's poo-poo and pee-pee. Drew is potty training, (and he is doing well, thank you for asking- did you know he usually holds his pee-pee through the night?) and it is an all consuming task. Cleaning up after it, asking him if he needs to go, making him try if he says no, washing his clothes out when he has an accident, checking his childcare sheet to see how he did all day, planning out alternate outfits for when he has another accident at school.... I could go on for a while here. I'll stop.

To top that off, my other son, Jake, only goes poop every 6 days (average). His Doctor says it's normal, but that doesn't mean I don't think about it a lot. I mean, when it happens, it's like an explosion. It's quite disturbing. It doesn't help that everyone thinks I am somehow responsible for this. My Mom has even told me to eat more bran and take Metamucil. She doesn't quite understand that I'm not the one constipated here! (Actually, neither is Jake).

This new found "interest" of mine has led to some lengthy conversations with my sister (who is going through a different "potty obsession" at her childcare), my mom (we discussed my children's poop for about 15 minutes during lunch- I know- the other day), my husband, and even my one and only friend who has a child.

You'd think I might have something more exciting to talk about, but I don't. My life is all about excrement.

Somehow you'd think this would depress me, but it doesn't. I'm pretty damn happy for someone who thinks about shit all day. Pretty crazy huh?

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