April 2, 2008

These things I know to be true.....

Someecards are really absurd and funny. Sending them makes me giggle.

Being a parent is challenging and rewarding, but it is not the end all be all. There are a lot of things in life that are challenging and rewarding, this just happens to be my path.

There are people out there who expect something for doing nothing and people out there who expect nothing for doing something. I hope to one day be less of the former and more of the latter.

I spend WAY too much time worrying about others.

I spend WAY too much time worrying about things I can't control.

I spend WAY too much time worrying in general.

I will never stop loving MSU Basketball.

I really enjoy spending time with my family and my husband's family. I know this is considered odd, I consider it really lucky.

I would do anything to go on Vacation.

I am in a weird generation in which I know what life was like before the internet, although I can't imagine life without it.

I am also in a generation where we will make less money than our parents even though we are more educated than them.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush is a really dumb saying.
hand bird

If you are good at your job, then inevitably you are probably doing your job and someone else's as well.

Spring makes me lazy and happy.

I will never be as good of a cook as my Mom is, however I can sing better. Thbt.

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