November 11, 2008

An Alternate Reality

Here is a little secret about me: every once in a while I feel like playing a video game. Like really playing and devoting hours of my life to it. The kind of video game playing that makes you realize, oh, it's 11pm and I never ate lunch. That kind of thing. I'm dorky like that sometimes.

So I decided, as I do not have many video/computer games left to play, a byproduct of Mommyhood, to install The Sims 2 back onto my computer. After downloading the patch so I could play it on Windows Vista (ugh), I set out to create The Bee Sim Family. I made a replica down to every little feature, of our family. Jacob looked so much like himself (down to the wispy hair) that I automatically got verklempt (sp?) looking at my Sim self (with darker, longer, more "how Janna looks normally" hair) holding my Sim son in my Sim arms.

Once I began to play, I realized that there was no time to tend to mySimself while taking care of the kids and the house. My hygiene suffered. My Sim would be crying all of the time due to lack of time spent having fun. There is nothing more annoying than watching a Sim waste time in the corner crying.

My kids needed to eat all of the time.

SimShaun and I never had time to interact, at all, we were like two ships passing in the night. Shaun was too busy trying to have fun playing on our Sim computer, and I would get mad because I wanted a turn to play on the Sim computer. Cue my crying in the corner.

Sim Drew and I were like strangers, and all he wanted was my attention, but I was too busy crying, playing on the computer, and sleeping on the couch. Before I knew it or had time to spend time with Sim Jacob, he was grown up into a little boy and was not a baby anymore!

After 1 hour, I had to turn the game off. It was a little eerily similar to all of the things in my real life, only mostly the negative. The only positive? I am doing a damn better job in real life than my Sims Character could ever do. Of course, my Sims characters have also been known to pee on themselves. So I guess it's kind of a wash anyway.


  1. This is my alternate reality...

  2. I meant "Liam" is... not your blog... although your blog is fun... just... not... oh nevermind.

  3. OMG... I really have wanted to play the Sims for so long now. I used to spend days wasted on that damn game. I miss it. I think I stopped playing when my Sim Self burnt my new marital home down cooking in the toaster.

  4. Don't bother playing the Sims, Amber... you are living it. Play your Harry Potter Game instead!

  5. Yes, it scared the shit out of me. I still think about the game. Although I was also scared of Maniac Mansion. (Now if THAT isn't a blast from the past!)



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