November 11, 2008

My final Plea

Dear Entertainment Weekly,

I have been a loyal subscriber since 1998, longer than I have known my husband. I enjoy getting your magazine every week, but this week I was very excited to see Edward er, I mean Rob Pattinson on the cover.
(Image courtesy of LA Times)
So, EW, I wait and wait.... and NO magazine. Evey day, waiting for this... and no Magazine! I know I have paid, I have electronic payments! I followed through, where are you? You have a lot of making up to do after the last Twilight cover. Don't think I haven't forgotten. So if you want me to remain a loyal subscriber, you will follow through on this. I would like to continue the relationship, don't make me sever ties.


PS- If you give me the cover with just Bella, er, Kristen Stewart, I will be pissed. You know which one I want- see above.

Update: I FINALLY received the magazine on Wednesday. It was the one with Bella and Edward on the cover. SO not the same. Whatev, EW!


  1. what is it with this thing? People will not stop talking about it!

  2. It's so embarassing, and yet I can't stop! I am such a fangirl. I thought the series was pretty dumb until I read it. Then I was hooked. Even though I still think it's kind of dumb.

  3. Where's MY Edward?!?!? WHAAAA!
    PS-you're sleeping on my futon right now;-)

  4. OK, I STILL haven't gotten it. WTF?



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