November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Things that I am thankful for.....

Being employed.
Low Gas Prices.
Mileage reimbursement being so high while gas prices are low. Extra Christmas money.
Healthy Family.
Squishy Baby Cheeks.
Dancing Baby.
Cuddling with Drew.
Friends (Co-worker Friends, Bloggy Friends, Old Friends).
Rob Pattinson (thank you for being hot and playing Edward).
Janana Bee (blogging is so fun, even if no one is reading).
Obama being President-Elect.
2 days off work!
My own office with the Eggplant wall.
People being in town that I haven't seen in forever.
Knowing juicy FUN office gossip.
Getting to buy my loved ones gifts I KNOW they will love.
Hearing Jacob call everything “baby” in the CUTEST VOICE EVER!
Not taking myself too seriously.
The knowledge that Winter will pass.
Shaun working Saturdays in December at time and a half. Extra Christmas money.
The fact that Drew is letting me come to his party- which is also Christmas.
Drew being excited about Christmas.
Jacob walking.
Jacob talking.
My wedding ring fitting again.
This post.

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