November 29, 2008

NaBloPoMo: Oh, yeah, the other child...

So I thought we were out of the woods, until a huge vomit happened about an hour ago that got on Shaun, Jacob, myself, our bed, clothes and carpet. Instead of focusing on this anymore. I will show you what Drew has been up to while we have been on vomit duty.....

Making "hamburgers" i.e.raisins in our ottoman cushions.

Building a Tower.

"Decorating" our Christmas Tree.

Wearing his gloves for all this hard work. (Seriously, I can't keep a shirt on the kid.)


  1. My son can barely keep clothes on these days too! He is also thoroughly obssessed with the Christmas Tree...I'm not alloweed to decorate according to him...gotta LOVE almost 2 year olds :p.... Hope there are no more puke clean ups any time soon :)

  2. Yes, the Christmas Tree is a BIG deal at our house right now! (So is "naked time".) Thanks for the well wishes, we have been puke free for almost 24 hours now!

  3. michael has those blocks he still loves them.



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