November 30, 2008

NaBloPoMo: My favorite 80's Campy Movies Musical Moments....

Some of the greatest musical moments from absolutely horrible movies. The sad part is that these were some of my favorites.

"Pumpin' and Blowin'" from The Pirate Movie. Sadly enough, I watched this a lot as a kid. I just recently rented it from on Demand and it is TERRIBLE. The culmination of terrible-ness is in the middle of the movie with this song. The scuba gear is incredibly realistic.

"Top That", From Teen Witch. Okay, I have seen this movies a million times and I love it. If you grew up in the 80's and haven't seen it you MUST watch it. There are quite a few great songs to pick from, but "Top That" is the only one with a rap, so it wins!

"I'm Alive" From Xanadu. Okay, am I not supposed to make fun of Xanadu because it's a broadway show now? I seriously LOVED the music and wanted to BE Olivia Newton John so bad. (I'm pretty sure my Mom wanted to be her too, we owned a LOT of her movies.) The movie is REALLY unwatchable though. The plot is so convoluted.

Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo. This one is added specifically for it's name. The first Breakin'? Not so bad... but the plot for this one is so laughable. I'm sorry Kelly, Ozone, and Turbo, you should've quit while you were ahead.

Flash Gordon Football fight scene. I chose this because Shaun loved it as a little kid and we watched it recently- terrible movie. It would definitely make a good drinking game. I would've chosen the opening credits, if it weren't for Dale cheering Flash on- "Go Flash, go!" while waving her arms like a chicken. Watch for it, it's hilarious.

So any that I missed? Any less obvious picks that I didn't think of?


  1. OMG! Top That from Teen Witch is soooo one of my favorites sad to say...LMAO! Thanks for the stroll down memory lane :)

  2. TEEN WITCH!!! That is by far the best part of the movie, it's so amazingly awful!

  3. Um Kristy, I think you mean amazing, period.



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