December 23, 2008

The Bee Family Snowed in/Winterfest games

Creative Video gaming: On Mario Kart Wii, Drew gets to be the "co-pilot" and cheer Mommy and Daddy on.

Where is Baby?:
Mommy wanders the house trying to figure out what toilet Jacob is sticking his fingers in. Mommy wins if she catches Jacob beforehand.

Creative channel surfing:
Dad switches channels as Mom monitors and informs him when content is inappropriate.

Mommarazzi Fest '08:
Mommy takes a million pictures of absolutely nothing. Everyone wins... and loses!

Hide n' Seek:
Mommy and Daddy "hide" in bed. Short naps optional.... for Dad.The winner gets to lay in bed for the longest.

Daddy Monitoring: Drew brings his Elmo chair in to have a family bonding experience while Dad is on the toilet. Jacob soon follows. Mommy feigns ignorance that the children have joined their Daddy, and reads blogs on the computer. Mommy always wins this game.

Mom and Jacob's Double Dash race:
Jacob and Mommy race to the bathroom to see who can get there first. First one there wins a hand dunk in the toilet/closing of the bathroom door.

Pajama Party:
Pajamas are worn all day by the Bee Family. Loser is the one who has to put on regular clothes first.

Target practice:
Drew uses the potty standing up. Mom automatically loses and gets to clean up.

Naked Time:
Drew sporadically takes off all of his clothes during lunch proclaiming "naked time". Winner is the one who gets Drew to put on underwear before he sits down at the dining room table.

Book Reading Hour:
Jacob brings out a book for Mom and/or Dad to read, and then signs "more" for them to read it again... and again.... and again..... Winner is the one who can read the book the most times without giving up.

Name that smell:
Contestants have 5 seconds to determine if it was a fart or a poop that came out of the baby. The "winner" gets to change that diaper.


  1. What great games you play! IT's a wonder you ever want to leave the house ;)

  2. You really got me laughing. Sounds like you have a very nice family. Here's wishing you guys the Merriest of Christmases and a very happy new year!

  3. forgot the game where your youngest pees on one of your bffs....:-) I SOOOOO miss that one.

  4. Ha ha ha... forgot about that. That was classic!

  5. TOTALLY funny blog. Had to click the stalker button so I can come back!

  6. Good times. Good times.

    Monkey is obsessed with following people in to the bathroom and closing the door. Then standing at the door and calling to the person inside.

    I think we may have to get him a little chair for the hallway. I see a hall monitor sash in his future...

  7. i'm gonna have to remember these ...

  8. Too funny! The best thing is that you're finding the humor in everyday situations. That's the key to staying sane :)

    Thanks for sharing your post with Best Posts of the Year!



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