December 22, 2008

How about some videos?

My Hubby says thank you for the birthday wishes... I am trying to talk him into guest posting, after a couple of beers, he had almost agreed to it! We shall see....

We went out last night, for dinner (with kids) for drinks (without kids- they stayed at my Mom and Dads- yay). So I am not only hungover- but in dire need of finishing Christmas stuff (took today off to do so). So today I'm just going to give you some clips of my favorite things (warning- some of this is rehash, but I love it!):

For the next clip, which is truly hilarious and ridiculous, I am sending you here instead of imbedding the video because I heart Mamapop and PetCobra and you should too!

A little bit of Hottie Edward Cullen love:

And of course, the old standby-- Jacob as "Dancing BABY!"

Okay this took way longer than I thought it would.... must go and eat leftover chocolate cake.

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