December 7, 2008

Left Handed Compliment?!?

When eating dinner last night my husband looked at me and said, "You made these Calzones? They are really good."

Um... well, thanks I think?

Side note: this will be short, I am holding the baby right now, and fighting to keep him awake so Drew and him can take a nap together. (Oh please let this work SOON).

Question for the masses, what do you do with little children when it's too cold to go outside and you don't want to go shopping and you have played every game/craft you can think of? I NEEDS ACTIVITIES.

More tomorrow, I promise.


  1. I have managed to find a few indoor play areas around town but other then that....mother of the year that I am....I pop in a movie.
    yeah me!

  2. Um, I dunno...I throw balls around the house for the dogs:)
    Your blog is looking good!

  3. easy peasy fun for of mysensory kiddo favs: dry beans in a box with some small toys. hours of entertainment. when that goes bad, add a cup and bowl..

    thanks for stopping by my blog today!



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