December 6, 2008

This is us, Saturday

So today is a cold, wintry Saturday. I don't think the snow will stop all day. Outside it is a thick, wintry blanket. Normally on a Saturday I would like this, but today I am home alone with the boys. Shaun is at work, which means he will drive through this stuff later on. Am I the only one out there who hates when loved ones are traveling? I worry.

Drew is watching Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, a movie which he told me is too short. He wanted me to make it longer (you can only do so much for your children). I told him it is a very old movie, and back then the movies were shorter [and so were people, but I didn't tell him that]. Nowadays, they make children's movies way too long. (Pixar, I am talking to you. I don't care how good the movie is, if it's longer than 80 minutes, my son ain't sittin' through it. So be a dear and shave some time off, would you?)

Jacob is doing his rounds.... wandering around the loop from kitchen to living room, saying "baby". Everything is "baby". It is only a matter of time before he discovers our Christmas tree and tries to play with it. Oh yeah, last night we also taught him to show us his belly.

Later while the kids are napping I will spend too much time on the Internet and (hopefully) get some wrapping done. We are going to make lasagna to freeze and also ham and cheese calzones for dinner. (I know this is incredibly ambitious for me. So we will see how it goes.)

So this is us today. Ignore my voice on here- do I really sound like that in real life?


  1. HAhaha...your boys are so stinkin cute! Oh and we have the same table and chairs, the blue table with maroon :) Happy Saturday to you! Hope you guys enjoy your weekend! Oh yea, theres a great blog called One Minute Writer, she blogs everyday and gives an idea for all bloggers everyday as a writing prompt she's on my daily reads list if you need ideas :) Or you can email any time

  2. Oh, I remember those days sooo long ago when my children were young and my husband was working, the days can seem long. Your little ones are adorable!
    Good Luck with dinner!!!

  3. Im just impressed that your dinner did not come out of a can. You are super mom in my world!



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