December 3, 2008

Our Running Tally

The Hubby and I have a little competition that goes on in our house. This competition is called "who works harder around here" or alternately called "who has it worse around here"? Everything, down to the littlest minute details is discussed and judged. Almost everything seems to have a point value, and one of us is always ahead and the person who is ahead is the one that "works harder" and "has it the worst". The other person then must compensate.

Lets say for example (and most of these are situational- it depends on who is ahead):
He works longer hours (+3), but I clean more (+5, at least in my eyes).
He mows the lawn (+2), but I do the laundry (+4, hey it's year-round).
He makes breakfast (+2, +6 if it's served in bed), but I make dinner (+5).
I put Drew to bed (+3), but he gave Jacob and bath and put him to bed (+4, we'll give him the edge on this one, even though Drew is very difficult at bedtime).

Alternately it carries over into fun activites too.
I went to Lollapalooza (-20), but he went on 3 boys weekend vacays this year (they were shorter so -25).
He saw a movie last week with his sister (-5) , but I went out to dinner with mine last week and shopping with my Mom this week (-10).

It also carries over into who can score a babysitter too. If I score the babysitter (i.e., beg my Mom), we have to do what I want when we go out, and not sit at the Sports Bar all night like he would prefer to do.

Now the real life scenario (today):

Hubby woke up really early for work (+10). He forgot to take out trash (-5). He worked a long day (+5), came home and ordered pizza (+3). He fell alseep after dinner, therefore missing out on the never ending fun of "Bedtime" (-2). Then he was woken up by wife to check a funny smell in the basement and had to clean out a mouse trap (+100!) Afterwards he helped his his wife look for missing snowpants (+5) and didn't get annoyed when she was upset that they were not found (+10).

Janna woke up later for work (-5).Janna got the children ready for school (+10) and took them to school (+10). Janna bought milk and pop and bread at QD on her lunch break (+8). Janna picked up the kids from school (+10). Janna put Jacob and Drew to bed when Hubby fell asleep on couch (+15). Then Janna woke hubby up to check mouse trap (-20), and freaked out about missing snow pants (-20).

Oh did Janna mention that she is getting her husband a
Spoiler: show
{Playstation 3}

for his birthday (+1000)?

I am so freaking ahead, it's not even funny.

So does anyone else operate their marriage in this secret, silent code? Or do you have a different one? Do you think I should give my Hubby more points for the mouse?

And finally, what are the odds that said Hubby will finally read my blog for the first time and get his birthday surprise ruined?


  1. There was a "Bill Engvall Show" episode about that a couple of weeks ago. The mom ended up post-it noting the whole kitchen of what she does that the husban doesn't do :)

  2. Geez, "Bill Engvall Show" stole my thunder there. To be fair, I think that my husband does a lot, but he seems to always think he does more because he is always working so much..... so not true! I would rather be at work than cleaning the bathroom, that's for sure.

  3. Way too funny!
    You are sooo nice to give points!
    In my house, I have explained that I am the CEO and I run the show. Therefore, I work the hardest and in your system would always be ahead. In addition, all 'ideas' must be submitted to me and I give final approval. No point system in my household!

  4. I DO THE SAME THING in my hubs ever found out he would soooooo take all my points away..lmao! :)

  5. I think I may have to adopt your secret code! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! It's always great to meet new bloggy friends...especially if your a SITSa (wink) {1000000000 points}

  6. So I am finally reading this blog (+10 points), and yes, I bought my beautiful wife an iPod Touch (+2000 points), and yes, Lucy, I'm intimidated by you (moot). To the Rambler, be careful, the code is flawed (I should get at least double the points awarded!)
    -Mr. Bee



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