December 5, 2008

A working Mom's dinner in pictures

6:30 pm- Time to make a lovely dinner from scratch.
7:00 pm Time to eat.
7:08 pm. Yeah, someone needs a bath now.
7:15 pm. Dinner table. Notice someone hasn't eaten. Hubby and I haven't eaten together in a year now. Did you see how hard I worked on those mashed potatoes?
7:30 pm Time to play- tonight it is "Roller coaster".
7:45 pm. Now it is "train". The blanket, such a versatile toy.
7:50. Hmm.. he hasn't gotten into trouble yet!
7:55pm- Okay now he has!
7:55 pm. With trouble comes slips, falls and tears.
8:00 pm. Bath time (no pictures- someone was not a happy camper).

8:30 pm. Bed time. Obviously, I put the little one to bed.

9:00 pm. Relaxin' watchin' The Office in my Jammies time.

Whew, another day bites the dust.


  1. What an awesome mom you are! I LOVE the blanket in the basket ride, well I should say Nate loves that and I see you have the zebra toy thingy (having a brain fart this morning), would you recommend it or does it collect dust? So many of Nates toys just kinda sit around these days, he's big into Hot Wheels and markers at the And i do agree that the people in Michigan are very wonderful!! ;)

  2. thanks for stopping by yesterday! I appreciate all the kind comments.

    I don't think your tag of "bad mom practices" applies!!

  3. After a while it is so much easier to have a nice peaceful dinner at 10pm then trying to eat with the kids/husband.

    The mashed potatoes look yummy!

  4. There is a couple of things I never tire of: Hearing that people like my blog and hearing people think I'm an awesome Mom. I'm kind of an attention whore like that, so thank you! To answer your question, the Zebra toy is a big hit in our house with both children, even though Drew is getting way too big for it. My friend who has a 2 1/2 year old duaghter loves it as well. Plus it's super easy to put together.

  5. I hate that when I get mashed potatoes in my hair. Oh, you mean you are supposed to stop that when you are over four?

  6. That totally looks like a night here...including the zebra racehorse toy and the OFFICE....I heart Jim...

  7. Great pic-story. You are a fun Mommy! My hubby and I hardy eat a meal together too.




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