January 15, 2009

Am So Powerful. Really.

So last night, and then this morning I was fretting a little. What do I blog about today? I have material, but somehow it seems old, stale, and I felt like doing something different. Which I will admit, something different could be a good or a bad thing. Usually a bad thing. I was totally composing my words for what really should have been a weekend post (hey, I admit it, it's important to post the best posts when people are actually reading the blog) when I saw I had received an email from the Bloggies.

I was randomly selected to be a guest panelist for the deciding who will be winning a finalist. I guess sometimes your material is handed to you in a email. This was a lucky draw great honor. I quickly logged in to see if some of my favorites were included. Some were, some weren't. I don't know how secretive I should be about this. Maybe I should look at the rules. I will say one thing....

Dooce (OF COURSE) was nominated, like in a million categories, including best Latin American blogger? Okay people, really? I have nothing against her, but give me a break, hasn't she won every award under the sun, including the unspoken award of blogging as a livelihood? Time to give her the lifetime achievement award and let others have a chance in the sun. But alas, am digressing.

I have random categories I am judging in, and I can pick up to five. I seem to have gotten picked to have all the international categories, which is very fun. I do have one international lurker from Turkey. Ooh that sounds fun. Say that five times fast- lurker from Turkey, lurker from Turkey, lurker from Turkey, lurker from.... digressing again! Will stop. Sorry to call you out, Lurker from Turkey, I think it's awesome that whatever I am saying is interesting to you. Go ahead and lurk to your heart's content. Digress digress, and more digress. Excuse me. Anyway, I am trying to be fair and I am going to check each and everyone out, and maybe find some new favorites. Suffice to say if you are in my blogroll and your name is on there, I am voting for you. Trackback to see my fiercely loyal tendencies.

As a side note, OMG, if you guys KNEW what my blogger reader looked like already. Sometimes that seems to be a job on its own, albeit a fun one. I don't know how all of you, especially those with a big readership, find time to email me back and comment on my pithy little blog. Anyway, I will be busy reading new blogs all day, and then tomorrow I will be in Sagnasty Saginaw for a training all day tomorrow. I am dreading looking forward to all of these trainings that will keep me busy, so if I don't respond to your email, post etc. I am actually doing my job busy with previous engagements.


  1. OMG...I have a server from Saginaw....I thought I'd never hear/see that name from anyone else. :)

  2. I just don't get that Dooce. Why is everyone obsessed w/ it? I don't get it?

  3. Vote for someone besides Dooce. She's great and all but...enough!

  4. Thank you so much for visiting my Blog today & Laughing with me.
    Come back anytime.

  5. Found you on twitter and had to check out your blog.

    I think I may have found my new girl crush.


    Pleased to meet you!



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