January 14, 2009


I'm sooooooo glad everyone enjoyed my guest poster, Mr. Bee. You can see why he makes me laugh every day. Even in the most dire circumstances (hello trapped on a dirt road to nowhere!) he turns my tears into tears of laughter. As for Mr. Bee's reaction, he pretended like he didn't care about comments, until I was showing them to him, and then he was laughing while reading. So, yeah, he won't admit it, but I think he enjoyed it. In the future, I am hoping he will want to guest post again, maybe once a month, I am hoping. That's a lot of baby butt washing, but it's definitely worth it. See what I do for you people? I'm so sweet.

On a separate note, I am trying (trying being the operative word here) to streamline my look, and go with a new layout (the old layout seemed a little too busy). Some things I like, some not so much (hello confusing comment layout). Let me know what you think okay? The site will be under construction for a week, probably with my busy schedule.

Be back soon with more. Here is frog kitten to tide you over until then!


  1. Love the kitten! I like the layout so far!

  2. yeah getting comments is a pain.

    I'll do an article on sidelionreport.com that will get 1000+ hits and only one comment or so.

  3. I was able to comment OK.

    Glad the husband liked the comments. Believe me, he might get hooked. My husband (who is now banned from my blog due to obnoxiousness after I let him guest post) drives me crazy by saying "How is our blog doing?" "Did readership increase because of the thing I told you?" It makes me nuts...but he knows how to push my buttons!

  4. The lay-out is so far so good. I think a lay-out of a blog should be concerned primarily to the 'readability' of your post. I am glad that I happened to drop by your blog! :)

    The kitten was SOOOO cute. :D

  5. hi. I am back. I am really seventeen. Thanks for the compliment! I love to drop by your blog. :D



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