January 23, 2009

Why I think a career in photography is unlikely...

Major Photography FAIL capturing a precious moment. Who else is appalled that I wanted to have a career in Photography? I know I am!

Flash might be a bit much here, whaddaya think? Jacob looks like Casper the friendly toddler. On a side note, nice plaid PJ's and moccasins Mr. Bee. We rock out the fashions in the Bee household.

EXTREME CLOSEUP! So NOT Necessary. Looks like Drew is trying to be a muscle man and lift him.

Please don't call CPS, we did not give Jacob drugs, I swear.

PS- See my twitter link on my sidebar over there? I heart twitter. You should join too, and if you already have an account, you should follow me. (I know it seems silly at first, but it really grows on you!)


  1. Hey, you didn't cut off their heads! I have a habit of doing that, although now that the camera has the little square to center me I have gotten better. As you can tell I am far from being a photographer!!!

    You keep shooting, the pictures of the little ones are adorable! 'Drugged up' and all (lol)

  2. it is hard to catch pics of them when they dont hold still!

  3. How the heck can little men look so drunk all the time?? Nate does it too, it's like they're practicing for the future..lol..It's ok I'm no photog either, I wish I was though I'd spend my days chasing Brad Pitt or Orlando Bloom, or Johnny Depp or pretty much all the yummy hollywood men :)

  4. LOL! I promise not to call CPS! That is soooooo funny! You know, it always seems like they move alot quicker when you are trying to capture that special moment!

  5. Actually, I just took a photography course and you should see what the hot "arty" photographers are doing. If you could strive to make these pictures WORSE (cut off body parts, plan garish lighting, capture the most unflattering poses possible) you would get a gallery showing. Of course, you would also have to strew drug paraphenalia and bring in some hookers and homeless people for "background color". On the second thought, maybe not.

  6. i love the first pic; he's white alright.

  7. Just keep snapping away!!! I post alot of pictures....but many more don't make it to my blog, lol!



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