January 22, 2009

Snow, Work and Drew's Spiderman Party Extravanganza Preparations....

January, Jacob's Hand and Foot Calendar

Mr. Bee has returned to work this week. He got to return one week earlier than expected, therefore never having to go on unemployment (yessss!) because he used all of his vacation time. For the year. In the first two weeks of the year. To keep the bread on the table. How can I NOT love this man? On that note, while I am happy that he has his job and can go back, I'm totally going to miss my Mr. Mom. He actually worked really hard to do a good job and definitely pulled his fair share of the house duties. I'm proud of my man. I think his being off work brought us closer. I got a much deserved break, he understood where I was coming from on the stress level, and he also got a less pissy wife (and was less pissy himself and also got a much needed break. Lest I not forgot, Mr. Bee works his ass off at work, much harder than I do). I guess I am supposed to be excited he's going back.... but I'm not. I miss him being home already. Come back Mr. Bee!

On the Drew front.... Spiderman Festivities 2009 4th Birthday Party Extravaganza preparations have begun. I reallllllllllllllllly realllllllllllllllllllllly hate birthday parties and I tried to come up with any way to get out of throwing a party. I had a great idea: buy Bob the Builder Live tickets (it's coming here the day after his birthday, perfect timing right?) and a dinner and have a quiet night out? What a nice, relaxing, stress free birthday. I should have KNOWN that relaxing and stress free is NOT something Drew would want. Out of nowhere Drew starts talking about his Spiderman birthday party. ("Lets decorate the house in Spiderman decorations and can we please have a Spiderman cake, and I asked "D" and "T" to come to Drew's Spiderman Party [yep, still talking about himself in the third person] and can we have one please, please, please?") On a side note, no, he doesn't watch Spiderman, I have no idea what his obsession is, I just know that Mr. Bee is happy that he finally likes something "manly".

Of course I caved. Sadly. I actually CRIED, I so badly didn't want to throw a party. I mean, come on, it's dead of winter and I have a small house. It's not fun for ANYONE. Anyway, my sister came up with a great idea... rent the huge play area they have at their childcare It's called the "Village" and it has little houses and a ball pit and little tables and chairs. Do it at breakfast time and then get fruit and bagels and a cake and voila, party, entertainment and food all in one! Genius. So happy, it will only be two hours and then all done!

(Another side note: my Mom made the comment "well, I guess we can't bring alcohol then". I told her, "I never have provided alcohol at my CHILDREN'S birthday parties, you and my in-laws just bring it." Oh Mom, you know I love you [and I know you read this too]! You are too funny. And yes, I have thought about getting drunk indulging in some spirits to tolerate enjoy Drew's Spiderman Party but for some reason, I think it might be frowned upon? Just a guess?)

In Jacob news... nothing new... just the same crazy guy. He's discovered that he enjoys when I sing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" to him. After I finish, he signs for "more". I sang it five times tonight. Who needs American Idol Fame when you have the cutest judge ever requesting encore after encore?

So to Wrap up....

Mr. Bee: Back at Work.

Janana: Tired, stressed, overworked. The usual.

Drew: Going to Bob the Builder (Nana sprang for the tickets so we could do both- thanks Nana) and getting the best Spiderman Party evar! (Alcohol not included.)

Jacob: Enjoying his Mommy's renditions, and making Mommy feel like a star. Oh and still a wild and crazay guy. (Okay, I know this is totally dated, but I can't help but think of Steve Martin when I say that.)

The Bee Family: Making it through January, one day at a time. 9 more to go! Only 2 months till spring! Although this was the first day of spring last year in our area.


  1. I'm having bday party quandries myself, because Almost-5 has ideas about what he wants this year. Cool new bloggy-bling, btw! Love the different fonts.

  2. Hello! It's been over a week, but I just wanted to thank you so much for supporting my big day last week Wednesday. Your comment meant a lot to me:)

    Good luck with Bday party planning - it can be stressful, but I'm sure you can pull off awesome party!!

    Stay in touch:) xoxo

  3. I think because I work in the restaurant biz, that I enjoy parties. The stress of it and seeing it's completion and everyone having a good time makes me feel "special". I'll FED EX you a box with small bottles of booze...(kidding, but if not, it will have a hunky guy wrapping...so you can tell :)

    Love ya!

    And pleeeease post a video of you singing. Cause I'd love to throw that in our AI talks. :)

    Love ya again!

  4. Hey! Don't get discouraged about the party, have fun with it! :) We have thrown our 4 year old parties AWAY from the house each year, like you're going to do. And always in places that have time limits, and things to entertain the children. The past two years have been at a gymnastics place for toddlers/pre-schoolers. THEY LOVE IT. Look for places like these in the future!

  5. Oh, birthday parties are sooo stressful, hang in there!
    That is a shame your husband had to use all his vacation already. That is rough on a young family. Make those weekends count,you need to enjoy the time!

  6. I feel the same way as you do, I HATE birthday parties! Unfortunately, this weekend we are having one. As far as the alcohol goes, some may frown on it, but I don't. There will definitely be alcohol at our party. I may even take a xanax before the guests arrive!

    Glad to hear that Mr. Bee is back to work!



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