January 25, 2009


Based on the fact that many people were starting to call him a "her", I decided it was time Jakey got his first haircut yesterday.

Before shot.

"Oh my, he really has a mullet," said the friendly hairdresser.
Confused toddler.
Patient Toddler.

Best shots we could get of him afterwards, he was so busy running around, "rearranging" the hair products.

I can't believe how patient he was! He looks adorable, like a little boy instead of a little girl. Mr. Bee is devasted, said was okay with Jakey being called a little girl, but that baby hair he will never have back. Mr. Bee is trying to be strong. I am happy with the haircut, but I am a little sad about "the bullet" being gone, I will admit. In a way Jacob is graduating from baby to toddler in one quick snip. It was a bittersweet moment to cap off a very good day.


  1. That first haircut can be so traumatic. But what a cutie.

  2. He did really well for the 1st haircut.

  3. I'm freaking out about the first time my lil one gets her haircut.

    She's a very "opinionated" little 2 year old. I'll be THAT mother that has THAT child. You know the one I'm talking about? :)

  4. Poor Mr. Bee...sorry about the devastation; little baby hair is gone.

    so looking like a toddler...how a haircut can change a man.

  5. I think it's funny how baby hair and dads stick together. But when they get older...if the boys want long hair...it's a total flip. LOL Congrats on the cut....I'm too cheap and I do my boys' hair. It curls though, so I don't fear that it's wrong, you can't tell the difference!

  6. there is nothing quite like the Toddler Mullet. I remember it well. He did a great job!

  7. Oh, my gosh he did an awesome job. He looks like a little man now. Soooo cute!

  8. I love the patient and confused looks! So cute!

  9. I kept waiting for the crying and hysteria photos but none! Amazing! He was such a trooper! My son's first haircut was so traumatic -- you would have thought he was being murdered!



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