February 6, 2009

Friday Favorites

Libraries. Seriously. Where else can you get so much free entertainment? It's amazing that I am such a dunce, I didn't even ever think about going to one before today?

Lands End @ Sears. Um... 50% off sales prices much? I got these for $12.49. And before you say, holy shit Janna, how big are those shoes? They are a size 11. Yup.

Lemon Creek Winery. If you like sweet wine, try the Silver Beach Sauterne. Yummy.

Fuzzy socks. Better than slippers. Always. And yes... I am aware- I have ginormous feet!

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Life with a little one and More and Pacing the Panic Room

Muffins From Sam's Club. Let's not discuss how many of these I ate this week. These things are damn good. So what if they are the size of my head and I prolly gained 5 pounds doing it? I'd totally do it again (they are about $6.00 for 12, in case you are wondering- awesome deal.)

Last but certainly not least- My Mom and Dad. Not because you, know they raised me and stuff and provide childcare so I don't lose it with my children. Nope (even though, yes, I give you guys mad props for that). They are on the Friday Favorite lists because they drove Lemon Creek wine over to me when I was too lazy worn out to go to the store and buy some wine. Thanks for supporting me in my quest to get tipsy relax!


  1. Oh Wow! Thanks for that! I'm honored ... I'll have to humiliate myself in public more often!

    And that other blog was a laugh riot!!! Now I have yet another blog to read...I'm going to have to eliminate someone I think ... I can barely keep up all of them as it is.

    And I LOVE those shoes!!!!! Those are exactly something that I would buy...same with the socks. And I didn't get a sense of how big your feet were ... perhaps if you put them next to something that I KNOW how big it is then I'll say "Holy Hell! Janna's feet are huge!!!!!"

    And your parents are so cute! : )

  2. I have huge feet too...don't worry! lol- I am used to being made fun of because of it! But I am glad that your parents came with the wine! :o)

  3. Size 10 here...my sister (not the blogger one) is in your ball park of 11...

    Love the shoes and socks!

  4. Awesome Friday favorites!

    Have a great weekend...

    :^) Anna

  5. Such a lovely post. Your list of favorites have many similiarities to my own. Land's End, Sam's Club muffins...wine. :) What is not to love?

    I say onward and upward with the food and drink. If it is tasty and economical, I just don't think I can be stopped. :)


  6. you should totally have sent me the shoes for shoe friday!

  7. I have those socks in black and the first time my monkey's saw those they thought they were my moms cat, Sebastian. So now all fuzzy socks like that are "Sebastian" socks. and yes, they are SO comfy!

  8. I have those fuzzy socks and I L-O-V-E them! Aren't they the best?

  9. I love your favorites list - and you covered all of the important bases, mainly fuzzy socks and yummy wine!



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