February 1, 2009

Not me! Monday: Snappy one liners/Superbowl Edition

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I so did not fret over Drew's 4th birthday party. I am not a worry wart so I did not worry all week only to have it turn out wonderful.

I also did not lose track of Jacob at the party and find him trying to escape out the front door. This was not the second time someone lost him and found him trying to escape. He is so not my Calamity Jake!

I also did not pass out fall asleep while watching Curious George with Drew a couple of hours later, because I was not exhausted from worrying about the Party.

I did not write the majority of this post on my iPod during the superbowl. I never would miss a moment of football.

This is so not how I feel about my job.

I was not a smartass to my sister Amber and Mr. Bee on Sunday coming up with some great one liners to their statements:

Mr. Bee: I have to start getting prepared for the Superbowl (at 11am this morning).
Me: What, are you playing in it?

Amber: I make these great chicken nachos. It's got rotisserie chicken and pepperjack cheese on them. It's my secret recipe.
Me: Secret recipe? Um... not so secret now!

I did not think about how I could blog these one liners, and so did not get really excited when I realized I could!

I was a very responsible Mom and did not let my kids eat junk and snacks all weekend. I would never compromise their health for my sanity.

Jacob is not down to his last diaper, and therefore I am not praying that he does not have a BM before school today. I would never play THAT game of russian roulette.

I did not almost address my Husband as Mr. Bee on Sunday. I would never let my blog take over my real life. :^P

I so did not just use an emoticon in my blog!


  1. These totally rock. :-)

    As for the diaper thing, I broke down and ordered from diapers.com because I knew there would be no getting to a store before Thursday. Not that we play roulette here, either. :-)

  2. I am definitely guilty of over-emoticon use in my blog :-)I use them way too much ;-)
    Tell me, did you quickly run to get pen and paper to jot down the one liners so you wouldn't forget them by blogging time? I know I would have done that :-) Any time I sense some potential new blog content, I make note of it immediately! Guess there is not enough excitement occurring in my life on a daily basis, so I need to stock up on content whenever I can :-)

  3. I'm so glad the party turned out great! It is pretty darn hard to disappoint a 4-year-old, I think! As long as you have cake and presents, you are golden! I'm glad that worry is off your shoulders!

    And so funny that you called your husband Mr. Bee! HAHAHAHA!

    And I love your one liners! I wish I was that quick-witted. I always think of things about 15 minutes later and then they make no sense because the moment has passed.

    And you are so asking for trouble with your diaper Russian Roulette. You should know better!!!! Now you are pretty much guaranteed to have a problem!

    And I love emoticons! : )

  4. This website is being featured on Five Star Friday's Intrepid Tuesday!

  5. Hey, if worse comes to worse on the diaper situation, you could always resort to techniques like MckMama herself used. Oh wait - her technique atually needed TWO diapers to pull off. Oh well, I tried!

    Great Not Me's!

  6. Yaaaaaaaaay for being featured!!! Congrats; it is a gorgeous post:)



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