April 20, 2009

Drew and Mommy Date #2

Today Drew had his 4 year check up... so we decided to make a day of it and go to a movie (Monster Vs. Aliens) and lunch.

Drew's 4 year appointment went very well! He was 50% for height and weight (and no longer was his BMI a possible concern for his pediatrician- not that I was ever worried that he was getting chunky- far from it.). His lymph nodes which worry me so much looked fine.

Drew was very concerned about getting his shots (and I was also maybe a smidge concerned). He was so worried when he got his shots when she asked him what he liked to play at home he told her he liked to get shots. He was very brave for his shots... until afterward. He cried and cried for so long, telling me how badly it hurt. We stopped at Walgreens and got three foam swords, twizzlers for the movie and children's ibuprofen. I'm not sure if it was the ibuprofen or the twizzlers or the foam swords... but by the time we reached the movie theater he was fine.

As far as the movie, it was a little too violent for my tastes, but Drew only got scared once (as compared to The Tale of Despereaux or whatever in which he was scared almost the entire time- he still talks about how I took him to "that scary movie". Geez!). I only had to bribe him with 2 pieces of gum to stay through the entire movie.

Then we went to Steak n' shake. He asked me to sit on the same side of the booth with him. I agreed even though it looked a little silly. He ate so much of his lunch I let him get a kid sized chocolate shake to go, and the we drove home. He fell asleep in the car holding his shake and when I removed it from his hand, he stirred a little. "I'm still drinking it," he said and immediately took a sip and fell asleep again mid sip. When it dropped onto the floor 5 minutes later, I didn't even comment, I just picked it up.

We came home and he woke up a little and we cuddled in my bed and talked about our day. So, to recap, a movie, lunch, dessert, shopping, cuddling.... it was a great date day.

I'm not totally turning him into a Mommy's boy am I? Ha ha ha!


  1. I think many of us would love to have a date as dashing and fun as Drew!

  2. That is so sweet! Hopefully he will ask you out on another date!
    ;-) Mr. Bee has some tough competition!

  3. I loved this!!!! I think every boy need a date with his Mommy now and then! I smiled through this whole post! You are a great mom!

  4. I have to say that this made my smile and have a tear at the same time. I worry so much about Noah growing up and not giving me kisses anymore, not wanting to hug me, not being a momma's boy, and not even wanting to be near me. This gives me hope! It is awesome to know that even at the age of 4, mom is still cool. I wonder when this ends? Seriously, my favorite part of your post is that he wanted to sit on the same side of the table as you. I do not think that is silly at all. I think it is the sweetest thing! (Maybe my pregnancy hormones are just on overdrive?)

  5. A description of a wonderful day on all counts ...

  6. Foam swords are the cure-all for all that ails ya ;-)
    What a wonderful day!

  7. It's always great when we can spend one-on-one time with our kids.

  8. I wish I could get Twizzlers, a chocolate shake, and go to the movies when I go to the dentist. That would make it much more exciting.

    Stopping by from SITS!

  9. What a great day!
    Thanks for sharing and putting a smile on my face:)

  10. What a sweet, sweet day. :) Makes me want to scoop up a boy and go away with him.

  11. What an awesome day!

    And how fricking cute was he to ask you to sit next to him at lunch? TOO CUTE!

    And he sounds like me when my husband tries to turn the channel when I napwatch my shows. I always jump up sayin...I'm watching that.



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