April 22, 2009

Earth Day Pt. 2

Happy Earth Day!Earth Day Graphics
Last year I made some bloggy resolutions for earth day, let's see how I fared, okay? My Resolutions from 2008 are in italics.

Here are last year's resolutions:

Buy reusable cloth bags for grocery shopping.
Okay, I am totally doing this.... except that I leave them at home all of the time- plus I just read from Lora at Jakezilla that the bags I'm using are horrible for the environment as well. Well, I've already bought them, so too late on that one. I am reusing all my leftover plastic bags as trash bags though, and I love the cloth bags even though they are not exactly environmentally friendly. (They store so much- who needs real luggage?)

Recycle all of my batteries properly.
I'll admit I have fallen apart on this- I did it once. It's just such a pain to get out to the recying place for this- but I will try and start this back up.

Always remember to turn off my work and home computer when not in use.

Heck yeah! One I have completed successfully and also got Mr. Bee to complete successfully.

Take less baths (it IS my passion, so I will limit myself to 2 a week).

Okay I have fallen apart with this one- it was a cold wet winter.... I needed those baths.

Recycle Cardboard (this is a difficult one for me, but I think I can do it).
This I have been pretty successful at. It helps that there is cardboard recycling at work.

Make more baby food and buy less canned baby food.
Hahahahaha.... what in the hell was I thinking? I never had time for this! Plus Jacob is done with baby food, so this is a moot point.

Switch to cloth Diapers for at home.
This I have been very good at keeping up with, considering that it is a lot of work. I still love my bum genius diapers... they have held up very well.

Support local farmer's markets by buying produce there (I think this is a good thing for the earth and our economy).
This is another one that I just never got around to doing. Maybe I should go with my co-worker K some time.

Plant a tree.
Hmph... this was on here? No. Didn't do it. I just forgot.

Use hand towels instead of paper towels.
We are rocking this one!

Here are my new resolutions for 2009:

Buy more organic and locally grown produce- whether or not it is from the farmer's market- there is local in my grocery store, I just have to look for it!

Kick my recycling/garbage men's ass for not taking my 4 wine bottles and leaving them on the curb so I look like a wino to all my neighbors Find a place to recycle wine bottles.

Grow our own garden. The Bee Family is really excited about this one.

Use green cleaning products. I am close on this one, I just need a final push.

Make good on my failed promises from last year.

and most importantly,

Pass on these important messages to my children. Drew is already all excited about recycling, he loves to take labels off of cans and put them in our recycling bin. Now I just have to teach Jacob. I know he is young, but it's good to start early on.

Now I challenge everyone else to blog some resolutions and check back on yourself in 2010, and make new green resolutions.


  1. Laughing at the wine bottles - you know the neighbors are doing the same thing. ;)

    Good luck with your new resolutions and Happy Earth Day!

  2. Keep trying, it is all we can do, old habits take time to break.

    I'm still carrying my bags. I love not having all those plastic bags anymore!!!!

  3. I have the same problem with wine bottles. Until one day I ran out of room, realized I was never going to take them to the recycling center and tossed that shit in the trash. Talk about looking like a wino!

    Now they say that buying local (esp at farmers markets) is good for the local economy & potentially your health but not the environment. Since larger farms use less resources to produce more food. I still do anyway because I love the idea of supporting local farmers and getting stuff that was grown in my neighborhood! It just seems to taste better! And anything I can do to support MI economy is a good thing, let's face it, I'm not buying a new car any time soon.

  4. That's great. Big or small everything helps.

  5. I agree with the last two commenters, every little bit helps. I think it's great too that you're sharing the importance of being green with your kids. I find using green cleaning products the easiest change to make since it's just a matter of purchasing those at the store instead of the not-so-good kind, but I never remember to bring reusable bags grocery shopping. Plus we re-use the plastic bags for cat litter.

  6. Hey....if the neighbors don't know how to enjoy a good bottle of wine...they don't need to be judging! :)

  7. That is awesome... you're making some great steps!! We're doing alot of the same! We're planting a garden this year too!! And quite a few more... thanks for the reminder!



  8. It looks like you are doing quite well with your Green initiative!! I just heard a report the other day about plastic bags not being all that bad!!I t's all one big scam, I tell you ;-) I also use them as garbage bags...

    BTW I have a new giveaway, which I think is really cool that you might be interested in http://tinyurl.com/dyb7v4 I'm wishing I was eligible to enter :D

    Let me know what you think!

  9. I don't think that they are all terrible (I keep telling myself)!
    I do think it's funny that the paper bags I get from the grocer practically disintegrate by the time I get them home if they get a little bit we tho. I wonder if we should all be getting paper? Or if the processing of the paperbags is terrible for the Earth?


  10. Dang...and here I thought I was helping by getting those re-use bags for shopping. :(

    And I totally think you should walk out with a bathrobe, part of it tucked in your underwear, holding a bottle of wine screaming down the street at the invisible garbage guy that he didn't get everything. :)

    Sorry for being such a bad bloggy pal. Husband finally came home and resuming normal blog activity!


  11. Loved this post! Great ideas and I share many of them.

    I actually switched to reusable shopping bags about a year ago and LOVE them! People don't look at you weird either now. My husband was so embarrassed at first. And my son is so conditioned...if we are only getting one item we'll carry it and he shrieks "NO plastic bags. No plastic bags."

    And I need to work on the battery situation. I'm trying rechargables but can't get all the ones I need (like the C ones).

    And I keep saying I'm going to go green on the cleaning stuff and then don't. I'll work on that.

    We're doing a garden too ... too much fun!

    Lovely post ... you've inspired me.

  12. Great posts with lots of tips! I need to do more of them. I am using the reusable bags!:) Have a great weekend!



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