June 1, 2009

Not Me! Monday! Vacations, Anniversaries, and Mr. Calamity

Woot, more Not Me! Monday!

This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

We are finally back from our trip to Great Wolf Lodge in Ohio (in case you didn't know, GWL is an indoor water park hotel. It's great for those with little kids). I am labeling it a trip because to call it a Vacation would imply it was relaxing. I was so NOT stressed the entire trip due to my three grumpy men. (Mr. Bee was very tense, although maybe not grumpy, but there sure was an air of lightheartedness missing, you know?)

This particular little man was NOT a holy terror, choosing to take only one nap the entire three days, dipping two of his three blankies in the toilet and splashing it around, knocking over everything in sight and crying about everything in sight. Once home, this little boy did NOT make a total 180 personality wise, becoming his sweet self again, and napping for 3 1/2 hours Saturday AND Sunday!

This little man had fun... I think, although not as much fun as the first time we went. He was less brave this time around, NOT due to the fact that he swallowed some water on a slide when I failed to catch him immediately. I did NOT feel horrible the rest of the trip, and beg him to go on another slide to no avail.

Brave Drew, before I traumatized him!

Jacob was NOT totally afraid of the water when we arrived! Slowly he warmed up...
And then he became a downright daredevil.

My little baby going down this big slide did NOT freak me out one bit!
This is the closest we got to a family picture. At least Mr. Bee is facing the camera.

Jacob did NOT try to scam and get out of the play area with the shopping cart. He was so NOT in love with that cart.

Creepy animatronic animals....

The kids did NOT make us watch their performance three times, therefore Mr. Bee was NOT totally sick of them at this point!

Okay so we did NOT go all the way to Ohio to a water slide park and discover Jacob's favorite water activity was splashing the water puddles, right? RIGHT?!?

All in all, the park was very nice, the room was clean, and the staff was child friendly. I would say if you go, to go during the week, as it is dead around that time and a lot cheaper. I would totally NOT recommend you take your family to Great Wolf Lodge. (GWL are you listening now? Can I get a better deal for pimping you?)

Today is Mine and Mr. Bee's 7th Wedding Anniversary. I have been dating/engaged/married to Mr. Bee for 10 years, which is a third of my life. That is so NOT strange when I think about it! We went out for our anniversary to a nice dinner, and then went and watched the Red Wings win the first game of the finals. We finished off the night with chicken wings at BW3. Our date was so simple, and consequently was NOT wonderful! :) I also did NOT tell Mr. Bee in drunken state that I wanted buffalo wings served at my funeral, because I am NOT that weird! (Dude, Buffalo Wild Wings- totally pimping you as well! I love coupons... just saying. I am totally NOT kidding!)
On a more serious note, it's NOT been a great seven years and I am NOT looking forward to seven more great years. Love you, Mr. Bee.

Here we are... so NOT cute and young and well rested... we have no idea the terror that our young children will put us through.


  1. Love the "well-rested" wedding pic! :) You guys are so adorable. And really...who KNEW what kids would do to you before you had them? It's that saying..."you THINK you know...but you have NO IDEA..." Puddles are really the BEST existence for small boys. I think the next time it rains, I'll let mine go splash. Yes, I think that's exactly what I'll do.

  2. Happy Anniversary! I've been wanting to take my kids to Great Wolf Lodge! Hope you have a great week!

  3. I'm glad to know you survived your family vacation. Adorable pics.

    Congrats on your 7th anniversary! Alex and I just celebrated our 6th yesterday. :-) By the time our baby is born, we will have known each other for 10 years.

  4. I hear ya on the tense part. Describes our usual vacations, which could typically be summed up as "two control freaks go on vacation and nothing goes as planned."

    Mr. Bee does look tense in the waterpark photo.

    What a beautiful wedding photo!! You seriously have a megawatt smile :-)

    Congrats on your anniversary!

  5. congrats on 7 years.
    sounds like your little guy travels as well as mine. our experience at the wilderness (very similar to GWL) was almost identical.


  6. happy anniversary!
    you guys are still adorable, even if you aren't getting all the sleep you need!

  7. Happy Anniversary!!! Love your cute little wedding picture, you both look beautiful and happy:)

    Oh, vacations with the little ones, they are just a blast for the little ones and well, a blast for the parents too, in a different way. You think you are going to die from exhaustion and then they break out with a great smile or giggle and your like, o.k. this is worth it!!

  8. Happy Anniversary! Great pictures! Even though it was tiring, I know that there were some wonderful memories created!

  9. Happy Anniversary!
    I had heard about GWL it sounds like a great time :)
    Wings at a funeral are a great idea!

  10. You guys look so beautiful and yes, well rested. May you be together to see your grandkids anniversary.



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