June 2, 2009

Ode to Sharky

Dearest Sharky,

I am sorry you passed away last night. It was sudden and unexpected, and we are sorry to see you go. We enjoyed watching you swim, and eat. You weren't exciting or flashy, but you did your thing. Even if your thing wasn't exciting, you were consistent.

Thank you for not leaving dirty socks all over the house, or leaving the toilet seat up. Thanks for being patient when we would forget to feed you, overfeed you or tap on the fish tank. Thanks for putting up with all of the screaming that takes place in our house. Most importantly, thanks for being Drew and Jacob's first pet. Rest in Peace in the giant Fish bowl in the sky.


Your family, The Bees

PS We are totally going to pass off another fish as you, but know that if Drew knew you kicked the bucket, he would be sad and miss you. Maybe we will approach that idea when the new friend in our family, Sharky V. 2.0, kicks it.... in about 5 months.

PSS You truly are one of a kind.... so much so that Drew questioned whether Sharky V. 2.0 was really Sharky, or if we picked up the wrong fish from "the Doctor". So you were special, and unforgettable!


  1. Aw, my condolences on the loss of this important family member.

    So funny that Drew noticed your little trick!

  2. Drew is a sharp one:)
    I'm thinking in 5 months you are having a funeral in the bathroom.

  3. I saw this on Twitter. I was wondering if they noticed Sharky kicked it before his replacement showed up.

  4. With your sharp-eyed boys I wonder if they will be requesting DNA testing soon...

  5. This post made me smile as I recalled our fish funerals of the past...one time my daughter even insisted we dress up..rest in peace Sharky.

  6. RIP Sharky, say hi to my old betta friends in fish heaven :)

  7. Girl, you are such a hoot! May Sharky rest in peace.

  8. Thanks for the laugh! What a beautiful eulogy to Sharky. May he rest in peace...and may Sharky 2.0 continue to masquerade as Sharky unbeknown to Drew!



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