June 6, 2009

Graduation, Worms and Mr. Calamity's return: A Bee Update

Okay, I know... third week in a row I have missed Friday Favorites. In my defense, I have been super busy.

First of all, my big boy Drew graduated from PreK into Kindergarten. I know some of you are saying- wait he's too young to be in Kindergarten. Well, yes, but his childcare moved him up so he could be with his friends, also the curriculum for Kindergarten is more focused, and the class size is smaller, so these are all win-win. He will go to Kindergarten at his childcare and then the next year in public school. (Wherein I will jump for joy with all of the extra money we will have, because we will not be paying for childcare for two... oh god the day in which that burden is off of us will be a wonderful, bittersweet day indeed.)

I thought I would cry, and I didn't. Well, I did tear up a little, but I was so annoyed with Jacob being obnoxious that it distracted me from the moment. We did catch it on tape though, so I am glad. He was the first one to receive his diploma, and he did so well, going out in front of everyone. I was so proud to call him my son.

My little Graduate.

This is our fourth picture ever taken together as a family, and I insisted upon it!
Preplanning his graduation!

Secondly, we have been working on getting a garden going, and cleaning up our yard. The plants were growing really well in their little pods until we transported them to the big garden. Now I am not sure they will make it. But maybe we will get one or two crops from our efforts.

Just dirt right now!
Apparently Jacob is going to sweep up that dirt!

Worms for one, worms for all!

Thirdly, I am training (ha- that makes it sound like I have an actual plan!) to run a 5K with my sister at the end of September. So far I have run without stopping almost a mile. It feels like I am dying when I run though, so I am hoping it will get easier???

Fourthly (fourthly? is that even a real word?) work has been insane, doing busy work that I HATE. It literally gave me heartburn on Friday. I felt like throw up was in my mouth, planning for the training I despise most. On Wednesday I will feel better because it will be over for (hopefully) the year.

Fifthly (hmmm... really pushing it) my little Mr. Calamity is driving me CRAZY. We hit the terrible twos early. We can't go anywhere without him being a little shit and crying and carrying on. Good thing he is so darn cute.

Ahh... child why are you so cute? Why do you torment us so??

So that is our update... I promise I will be back soon with more excitement.


  1. Firstly...congrats on the graduation.

    Secondly...LOVED the family photo :)

    Thirdly...jealous of a yard you can sweep dirt and have a garden.

    Fourthly (totally with you on this word) I too wanted to throw up at work today...because I was so OVER it.

    Fifthly..(I had to look at how you spelt it, 17 hours of straight work will do it to you)..I'm doing yoga mediation for you and thanking God Mr. Calamity is cute :)

  2. Love the post today!

    I almost cried myself seeing Drew and knowing soon it will be Myla's turn.

    Congrats on the running -also you look GREAT in your family pic.

  3. Oh, just wait. As I'm sure you know the terrible 2's only turn in to the horrible 3's. We are hitting that stage right now...BIG TIME!

  4. Pictures are adorable! The little one in his mini graduation gown, really too cute.

    Wow, you are a very busy lady!

    You look great, you have lost some weight, which I know you wanted to do, so good for you!!

    Hang in there, terrible two's, work and all!!

  5. Congrats Drew. So cute in his mini cap and gown...Lovely pic of the family - and I still refuse to believe that your cute little boy Jacob could possibly cause so much trouble ;-)

  6. Ooooooh! He is so cute in his little cap and gown! My little one is graduating from Pre-K to K and I can't WAIT for the ceremony in 2 weeks. He'll be going to public school in September so the huge burden of paying for preschool will finally be gone! I can barely wait! And you guys are such a cute little family!



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