December 9, 2009

My Confessions

I will sometimes jam out really loud to a really dorky song in my car and then turn it down when I get to a red light.

I am obsessed with American Idol.

I giggle at inappropriate things.

Whenever I lose weight, I lose it first in my ass. This makes me sad. I NEVER lose it in my stomach- I'm like a reverse hourglass.

I own seasons 1-3 of Dawson's Creek. (Pacey forever!)

I dance around to my Ipod while I clean my house.

While I hate cooking, I'm actually a pretty good cook.

I love to talk about and think about food. It's my addiction.

I am never full. I just stop eating when everyone else does.

I am actually very concerned about the Eggo Waffle shortage. Damn you Kellogg company!

My biggest fear? Flying in an Airplane. Ever since I saw the movie Alive when I was 10 in the theaters. I cry every time we take off and then I'm okay once we are in the air. Poor Mr. B hates flying too, but he has to keep me calm. Next time I fly, I think I will need drugs.

I have seen New Moon twice.

I'm pretty sure I'm going bald, also maybe blind.

I might be a little bit of a hypochondriac.

My Family still thinks of me as the baby of the family. I'm pretty sure they can't believe I am raising two kids.

I saw the movie 2012, and now I am a little scared for December 21, 2012.

I would eat at Noodles n' Company every day if I could.

I put cheese on everything!

I'm comment obsessed.

I have something big that I am excited about... but I am not telling you guys yet.

What are some of your confessions? I would love to hear them!


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