December 14, 2009

He may be on to us...

Drew: Mommy, you love your Ipod so much.

Me: Yes, I do. I love something else more, though. Do you know what it is?

Drew: Eating?

Me: I love something else more... what is it? (Who) is it?

Drew: Hmmm... you love buying puppies.

Me: Um, why do you think that?

(I mean, okay, yeah, we bought a puppy (!) this week, but it's a surprise y'all! How did he know?)

Drew: Well, you buy puppies for everyone but me.

(Whew, he doesn't know... maybe we should stop hinting, you think?)
Here's our puppy! If this picture of him doesn't melt your heart, you must be a Grinch. Or have Grinch-like tendencies. Our puppy will be coming to live with us January 2nd. Yes I can barely contain myself...and it's a secret... at least until Christmas. Right now we are trying to come up with names- any suggestion? (No, we can't ask Drew either, just this past Saturday he called himself Savishaaallaam and his brother he named Fart-Fart-hksihebfilk.)

By the way... Drew never figured out the answer... himself (and his brother and Daddy of course). It was a close race between the "eating" that I love, and them. Somehow they won out.


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