March 16, 2010

4 words: In over my head

I know. It was never my intention to be gone this long or this much. Needless to say I have been busy, and when I haven't been busy, I have been tired. My brain is beginning to atrophy due to the ridiculous, soul crushing amount of data entry I have been doing (an aside, did I really go to college so that I can do data entry all day? This was SO not in my job description).

Also, I have been dealing with a puppy, which is almost worst than a newborn sometimes. The only good thing about a puppy is that you can leave them at home and get away from the madness... unfortunately I am stuck at home with the kids anyway, sigh.

I have wanted to write, I just am too tired by the time I have time... but here's what has been going on with my Bee hive clan....

We have been dealing with bullies at Drew's school. He was pushed by one bully and fell, and knocked a front tooth loose. Luckily it's hanging on, and he's okay, but we have been dealing with that and making sure he is safe at school. (Seriously, bullies at 5 years old? What is this world coming to?) I wanted to write a whole post about it, but it just became so overly dramatic in my head I decided not to commit it to computer (I almost wrote "paper", but then I realized that was wrong.)

A good friend of mine moved to Portland, OR to pursue her dreams. She is missed. :(

Two words: Puppy poop.

Four words: Puppy poop in crate.

Jacob is in his terrible twos and driving me crazy! Luckily he's very cute... for his sake.

I have a 5k coming up in less than a month. I was training for it and then we got Louie, who takes up every spare bit of time I have. Well, that and watching American Idol, which is soooo not as good as season 8.

So there's my little update. Hopefully I can in the next two months do these things:

Empty my google reader
Train for the 5k
Help Louie graduate obedience class
Help Drew Graduate kindergarten
get Drew prepared for public school kindergarten
get Jacob potty trained
get the house ready to sell
finish my data entry
watch American Idol
watch the NCAA men's basketball tournament

Oh, my lofty goals... I am so full of it if I think I will finish half this list before the end of spring....
My boys... who knew having so much cute in your life requires so much work?

PS Sorry for any grammatical errors, I am too lazy tired to fix them.


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